3HP Hybrid Solar Pump without BOS

3HP Hybrid Solar Pump without BOS

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3HP Hybrid Solar Pump:

Minimum Head: 33 Feet,

Maximum Head: 465 feet,

SPV Sizing: 3000 Wp,

Outlet / Discharge: 2″

Water Discharge (LPH) at Min Head: 11400,

Water Discharge (LPH) at Max Head: 1000,

Water Discharge (LPD) at Average Head: 33000,

Can run on AC220V input as well. 

*LPD calculation at 6 hours of peak sunshine as per our SPV recommendation & specifications.

Material included in the above cost:

  1. Pump, Motor & Inbuilt MPPT
  2. Solar Panels

*BOS: Mounting Structure, MC4 connectors and 3C-6sq mm wiring of up to 100 meters, Pipes, Chalk , Civil and other pumping related work not included in above cost.

 Key Features:

  • MPPT efficiency of more than 95%
  • Motor efficiency of more than 84%
  • Powered by AC & DC both
  • Wide supply voltage range of 90-360VDC or 90-240VAC at 50-60Hz
  • Works at 50 or 60 Hz both
  • Double shielded brushless and permanent magnet motor
  • Simple two wire installation
  • Single earth wire provided
  • Easy maintenance
  • BLDC motor
  • Easily configurable with 200W to 300Wp modules

Warranty: 18 Months*

**Delivery: 7-10 Working Days


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