32 Amp 800 Volt 2 Pole DC MCB


32 Amp 800 Volt 2 Pole DC MCB

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32 Amp 800 Volt 2P DC MCB for solar PV applications

  • FEEO FPV-63 series of DC Mini Circuit Breaker(DC MCB) is designed for the solar system.
  • Rated current contains 32A.
  • The voltage of 2Poles is 800VDC.
  • Solar 2P DC MCB applies to rating current 32A, It is mainly used for the overloading and short circuit protection in DC distribution system equipment and electric equipment. It can be widely used in solar applications.
  • FPV-63 Series Circuit Breaker FPV-63
  • Frame Degree Rated Current(A) 32
  • Pole 2P
  • Rated Operating Voltage(VDC) DC800V
  • Current In (A) 32A
  • Rated Insulation Voltage Ui (VDC) 1000VDC
  • Impact Voltage Uimp (KV) 4
  • Ultimate Breaking Capacity Icu (KA) 6
  • Run Breaking Capacity Ics (%Icu) 75%
  • Curve Type C
  • Trip Type Thermal-magnetic
  • Mechanical Actual average value 20000
  • Standard 8500
  • Electric Actual average value 2500
  • Standard 1500


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