Elmeasure LG+1119 ( Kwh or PF or VA or Kw )

Elmeasure LG+1119 ( Kwh or PF or VA or Kw )

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LG+1119 ( Kwh or PF or VA or kW )

Elmeasure LG+1119 7 Segment single row LEd Display, Field-programmable W or VA or PF or Wh (anyone parameter). Factory configured: Wh. Displays programmed parameter name and value for instantaneous parameters. Reduces the complexity of stocking as this can be used for multiple measurement applications. Positive energy accumulation / reverse lock programmable. Programmable to kWh or kVAh. OLD register to store the previously cleared energy value, Optional Futures: RS485 Modbus Protocol

Size: 96*96
Class: 1.0
Aux Supply: 80-300 V AC/DC
CT/PT programmable


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