Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Protection System

ESE Lightning arrester

Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Protection System

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SGI make Early Streamer Emission (E.S.E) type Lightning Protection System TARAN, air terminal for the protection of 107-meter radius in Level-III as per French Standard NFC 17-102 (2011) when mounted tip at a height of 5 meters from the roof. The ESEAT shall be sealed in 304L stainless steel in order to guarantee high resistance to impact, corrosion & chemical with the ambient temp of 50 deg and relative humidity of 95%.


Type of Product: Early Streamer Emission Lightning Conductor – Taran
Radius: 107 Mtr
Field of Application: Lightning Protection
●   Taran is an ESE type of ‘active’ lightning conductor that provides zonal protection
in accordance with standard NFC 17-102.
●   Made of SS 304L – Marine Grade.
●   Δt tested as per NFC 17-102:2011 Annex C.
●   CPRI tested for Impulse Current Withstand Test 8/20 μs at 40kA.
●   Passed Salt Mist Test with Level 2 Severity for 72 Hours as per NFC 17-102:2011-C 3.3.1.
●   Passed Humid Sulphurous Atmosphere Test as per NF EN ISO 6988 Standards.
●   Lightly resistant to impact, corrosion, chemical agents. Ideal for exposed Industrial
Area, climates of high humid or salty areas.
●   Maintenance free.
●   An external power source is not required.
●   Compact and easy to install.