Special Ready Made Earthing Kit

Special Ready Made Earthing Kit

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12mm Dia 1.2 meter ready-made earthing kit (electrode surrounded by highly conductive compound)


 1) Maintenance-Free: This earthing kit is maintenance free earthing, no need for the extra pouring of water at regular interval as in conventional earthing material because it retains the moisture. Tested by M.S.M.E.

2) More Surface Area: The conductive compound with diffusion property creates conductive zones, which provides the increased surface area for peak current dissipation and also gets a stable reference point.

3) Higher Conductivity of Electrode: High conductivity can create low resistance.

4) Composition: Copper bonded earth rods are molecularly bonded with 99.98% pure electrolytic grade copper over a low carbon tensile steel rod with the thickness of 250-micron copper coating.

5) Complies Standards :

A) Copper Bonded Rod –

1) The copper bonded earth electrodes comply IEC 62561-2.

2) The carbon tensile steel rod complies BS 970 & AISI 1018.

3) The copper used in bonding complies BS 4360 grade 43A.

B) Earthing Compound – IEEE 80-2000.

6) Corrosion: In comparison to steel rods, in the extreme soil condition such as high salt or moisture content, the copper provides high corrosion resistance and exceptionally long life.

7) Reliability of Electrode: A long and reliable life. Just use and forget.

8) Environmental Condition: Non-polluting, Environmental friendly. Tested by Karnataka Pollution Board for environmentally friendly.

9) pH value of mineral compound : EARTHCON pH value is 6.9 to 7.2 of 1000gm / lit @ 20 deg.c.as per IEEE80-2000.

10) Easy Installation: Can be installed easily, as it requires less space and time.


The Earth electrodes reduce the pit resistance as per tables and charts as detailed in various international specifications. Any amount of costly electrodes installations do not give needed resistivity. It is thus essential to understand the technique of altering the soil resistivity by effective Earth Con Regular artificial treatment. Soil resistivity is reduced to approximate 55 % of the original value after using Earth Con Regular depending on the soil condition.


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