11. Solar Hybrid System 5kW

5kW Solar Hybrid System – Morvi, Gujarat

Recently one of our clients installed a 5kW of a Hybrid ( GRID + BATTERIES ) solar system on its farmhouse at Agitgarh. Morvi District, Gujarat.

Mr. Kamlesh Trivedi is a part-time professor and full-time farmer. He is interested in latest technologies and believes in sustainable energy. With the hard work of more than 20 years and sweat/efforts of over one and half years, he has built up an amazing setup for his family and himself at Ajidgarh, near Halvad Town, Gujarat.

Mr. Kamlesh Trivedi wanted to power his farmhouse with solar energy. Understanding the grid/off grid & hybrid system advantages,  he chose to go solar with a 5kW hybrid system.

System Configurations:

Solar Panels: 320 Wp WAAREE Panels with 10 years products warranty & 25 Years performance warranty

Hybrid Inverter: Flin Energy’s 5kW dual MPPT Hybrid Inverter with 2 years warranty

Solar Battery: 150Ah 12V Gel Batteries with 10 years warranty

He spoke his installer and contacted Scorp Energy for the world-class quality products for his project. Scorp Energy gave him end to end solution, from design to commissioning of his project.

The project is designed to power his farmhouse during the daytime and simultaneously charge the batteries for power consumption at night.

This smart decision by Mr. Kamlesh Trivedi will help him save his expenses on the electricity charges and independently, i.e without being dependent on the grid supply, power his electricity needs at least for next 25 years.


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